Workpackage leader: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., TÜBITAK

Other participants: CMI, INTA, SIQ, SP, NQIS, UPC

The aim is to provide a link between the EMC measurements and RF&MW techniques. In this work package, existing EMC measurements and calibrations will be improved by integrating the RF&MW techniques and leverage of Network Analyzers into the EMC measurements and calibrations, in particular

  • traceability for calibration of pulse generators
  • effects of non-metallic supports utilized in EMC testing
  • development of verification methods with VNA to be applied just before EMC emissions conducted tests in order to ensure high quality of results and to prevent laboratories from incorrect testing
  • investigation of the CISPR25 chamber verification method by means of the power of VNA and also extension of the applicability of the method to other standard chambers such as MIL-STD461 chambers
  • traceable loop antenna calibrations by a VNA and a comparison of the results with standard methods using the standard loop method which does not need a VNA


Pulse generator