The project meeting in month 24 of the project took place at SIQ, Ljubljana, Slovenia, between 6th and 7th June 2018. The current status of all activities and deliverables of the project was discussed. The meeting was followed by an excursion into the SIQ's RF/microwave and EMC laboratories. Several pictures from the discussion below:

After the M24 meeting, a one-day workshop took place on 8th June 2018 at SIQ. The purpose of the workshop was mainly to educate EMC-tests related people in RF/MW metrology and also to educate RF/MW metrology staff in EMC testing and related issues. The workshop topics were following:

  • S-parameters and their measurement (TÜBITAK/UME)
  • What is common mode and differential mode (RISE)
  • LISN usage in EMC tests and required parameters (RISE)
  • EMC tests that include loop antennas (TÜBITAK/UME)
  • CDN usage in EMC tests and required parameters (TÜBITAK/UME)
  • CDN and LISN calibration (SIQ)