Calculable impedance standard called "airline" is a primary device to get traceability for impedance (S-parameter) at RF and microwave frequencies. It is characterized through mechanical measurements of the inner and outer conductor and the connectors. One of the aims of project is to develop/enhance measurement system for calculable impedance standards.

Airline measurement

Workshop on primary experiments for calculable impedance standards was successfully organized at METAS – Switzerland (Bern) on March 22-23, 2018. The activity partners who are METAS (Switzerland), TÜBİTAK UME (Turkey), CMI (Czech Republic), NIS (Egypt), NQIS (Greece), RISE (Sweden), SIQ (Slovenia), GUM (Poland) and INTA (Spain) shared their experience on theoretical and practical bases at the workshop. The outputs of this activity will help the involved institutes to establish primary traceability of S-parameters with use of the METAS VNA Tools II optimization.


Meeting participants

Measurement of the inner conductor outer diameter (ICOD) and outer conductor inner diameter (OCID) of one of the airlines.

Measurement of airline dimensions