The comparison on S-Parameters on N-Type connector devices between the project partners started in the beginning of July 2017. The comparison will be performed by measuring S-Parameters of 1-port, 2-port and 3-port devices in the frequency range 50 MHz to 18 GHz. METAS in Switzerland is acting as the pilot laboratory. The travelling standard will be provided by INTA and SIQ. INTA will provide 1-port and 2-port devices and SIQ will provide a 3-port device. METAS and INTA will be responsible for monitoring of the standard’s performance during the circulation, as well as for evaluation and reporting of the comparison results. The comparison will be carried out in accordance with the CCEM Guidelines for Planning, Organizing, Conducting and Reporting Key, Supplementary and Pilot Comparisons. The METAS VNA Tools II software will be used both for the measurement and the measurement uncertainty evaluation. The planned measurement loop end is August 2018.



Institutes participating in the comparison:

METAS (Switzerland) - pilot
INTA (Spain)
RISE (Sweden)
SIQ (Slovenia)
CMI (Czech Republic)
GUM (Poland)
NQIS (Greece)
NIS (Egypt)